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          Products catalog
          Acetonitrile and its applications
          Acetonitrile specifications
          HPLC grade acetonitrile
          Preparative acetonitrile
          EGDA and its applications
          EGDA specifications
          Open position
          Contact us

          Mr. Kim LI

          VP, Operation

          Tel: +86 536 3080063

          Mobile Number: +86 1358 3637 866

          Email: lihuaqing@zhonghuichemical.com

          Weifang ZHONGHUI Chemical Co., Ltd (Zhonghui Chemical) is a fine chemical company specialized in solvents manufacturing. It is located in the Binhai Economic Development Zone of Weifang City.

          Established in 2008, Zhonghui Chemical has now a professional team of 90 employees (by 2017 Q3).

          Our products, including acetonitrile, EGDA etc, are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, coating and analytic applications. We are now the leading manufacturer in China producing the high purity acetonitrile with own feedstock. Our current capacity of synthetic acetonitrile is 5000MT per year and we provide industrial grade as well as HPLC grade ACN for analytical, electronic and biopharmaceutical applications. The capacity of EGDA (solvents mainly used in coating industry) is up to 10,000MT.

          Starting from 2017, we open a used solvent recycling facility (6000t/a) and therefore offer a used solvent treatment service to our customers, which help to reduce the total user cost of acetonitrile. We also utilize our know-how of high purity solvent manufacturing to provide equipment solution of used solvent treatment. 


          Zhonghui granted a new patent
          Zhonghui Chem is glad to announce today, we have been granted to a new patent for ACN production and purification. "This patent will secure our position... more
          Zhonghui GM attends leadship conference in Weifang City
          Mr. LV, GM of Zhonghui Chemical, joined in the industry leadship conference held in Weifang city on Dec 21, 2014.  ... more
          Senior CPC leader stresses "mass-line" campaign standards
          Liu Yunshan, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, made the remarks during seminars held recently... more

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